The Bracket Rocks

Monday December 3, 2012 A west wind 33khp with gusts of 48 and a felt temperature of -6°. We walked from Lough Dan to The Bracket Rocks (532 m) via The Crap which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Crap comes from Cnap in Gaelic meaning “hillock or lump”.  Across the Inchavore valley, atop Knocknaclohoge lie the eerily similar Clohoge Brackets. The military term “bracket” refers to two artillery shots, fired either side of the target.

Scarr update Feb 2011

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Sliabh na Brocai

Sunday November 25, 2012  No wind, no people, no badgers and a temperature of 0°. Brockagh Mountain Cairn is at 557 meters. The Gaelic name means “Place frequented by badgers”. Saw no badgers but did notice that the highest peaks of the Wicklow Mountains are now dusted in snow.

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To Glendalough and back for the Craic

Saturday, November 24, 2012 East wind, 11kph, 3° felt like 0°.

Ate some oats, saw some goats.

From Derrybawn to Glendalough and back. Great Craic. The word has an unusual history; the English crack entered Hiberno-English from Scots through Ulster at some point in the mid-20th century and were then borrowed into Irish. The Irish spelling was then reborrowed into English. The term is ultimately derived from the Middle English crak, meaning “loud conversation, bragging talk”.

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Daring Faun

Friday November 23, 2012

A SW wind at 18kph with gusts of 27kph, temperature 2° felt like -3°, relative humidity 94.5%. Found a a deer with no fear on a different path of a familiar mountain, Derrybawn.

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The Joyce of Camaderry

Wednesday November 21, 2012

Conditions clear, 2°, west wind. Dé Céadaoin is Wednesday in Gaelic and also means “First day of fasting”. This was not the first day we had climbed the 698 meters to the cairn of Sliabh Céim an Doire, yet it never fails to fascinate.

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Dairy free walks

Hi guys!

I will be hill walking tomorrow and pick Girrrls up as reqd.
My nose/post nasal drip/cough is 80% better as an absence of any diary and possibly wheat…red wine…red meat…can’t believe it…if I never lost my “chunk in the trunk” it would be worth it to wake up breathing thru both nostrils without a snoring headache!   Not to mention the necessity of the horrors of “walk spitting!” (tho in fairness it like spitting water nothing revolting except in sound and vision) I want yawl to know I am touched by your compassion and tolerance in that regard over last several weeks – it is ghastly!
Accept there really are food allergies and if you take them out of the mix it reduces the problem proportionately. Feel positively light in the head sans dairy, wine, and wheat.
There may still be a bit caused by exterior airborne allergrens or the effect of cold air on the membranes or my darling cat Maio, but comparatively little.
This is all Too Much Information but may be useful to some fellow sufferer.
Main problem is  love just one glass of  light fruity-flavored red wine but it hates me. Love bread, butter and cheese…and on and on….
But speaking of red wine,  great things happen as a tangential consequence of hill walks…..   Tomorrow I celebrate the first 7 days of my life since I was 20 without any dairy – including and with great sadness, but also with great nasal membrane  relief – cappuccino! (I know – way too much information!) ..
Love the idea of walking Table Mountain in High Sherpa blog footsteps – and am sure she goated up it…
too bad the Herd where not far behind.   Hillwall Amarach!
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Table Mountain – A long way south of Wicklow

The High Sherpa of the Jupiter Girrrls did it yesterday! She went all the way up and back down Table Mountain in South Africa.

Strong Anckle sets our battle cry:  Hillwall Amarach!

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Sliabh na Brocai SE Top

November 17th

Brockagh Mountain SE Top is 470 meters high. A west wind blowin and the sun telling you it can’t be 5°, 2° with the wind chill factor. This is the smaller of two peaks.

In most cultures Saturday refers to Saturn but it is ” Lordag” in Scandinavian languages or “bath day” due to the Viking practice of bathing on Saturdays.

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Bearna Chill Mhantain

16th of November,

Friday is the day associated with Venus or Parvati  if you are a Hindu. Parvati translates as “Daughter of the Mountains” but she has 999 other names as well.

A southwest wind 17kph with gusts of 23kph blew between Tonalagee and Camaderry through the Wicklow Gap with a felt temperature of 5°, 87% relative humidity.

At the top of the Glendasan Valley, the summit is 470 meters and on a clear day, looking east, one can see Snowdonia in Wales across the Irish Sea.

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Wednesday November 14th we had a southwind, a new moon, and an eclipse. The Derrybawn Ridge is 474 meters high and 1.5k long. A bawn is the defensive wall surrounding an Irish tower house. It is the anglicised version of the Irish word badhún meaning “cattle-stronghold” or “cattle-enclosure”.

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